Abi and  Ian's  Wedding....

This year our wedding season stretched all the way to December with Abi and Ian's winter wedding, and what a wondeful way to end a year of weddings it was. The ceremony took place in Knowle Church which we last photographed for the wedding of Brooke and David who's wedding we first met Abi at as she was Brooke's bridesmaid! A year later and it was Abi's turn to be the bride and what a beautiful bride she made! The day was gloriously bright and Abi had the most gorgeous flowers to match!  


The recpetion was held at Moxhull Hall in Sutton Coldfield a stunning venue with pristine gardens and stunning decor.  The couple and their guests were a pleasure to photograph, from Ian's hilarious best men to Abi's even more hilarious bridesmaids fully dressed in the bath!


We hope the photographs capture all the beauty of the day...


Click on the images to experience them full sized. 

Abi & Ian 27-12-14-1-7.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-3-2.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-8-1.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-11-5.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-13-6.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-27-8.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-73-15.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-7-4.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-79-19.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-37-10.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-40-11.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-2-3.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-105-21.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-110-24.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-106-22.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-50-12.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-75-17.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-60-14.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-30-9.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-108-23.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-74-16.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-78-18.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-57-13.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-79-19.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-106-22.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-102-20.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-127-28.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-124-27.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-112-25.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-118-26.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-130-29.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-131-30.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-141-31.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-151-32.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-152-33.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-157-34.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-162-35.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-163-36.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-168-37.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-176-39.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-175-38.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-177-40.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-178-41.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-186-42.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-196-43.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-201-44.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-212-45.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-215-46.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-218-47.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-222-48.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-223-49.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-226-50.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-232-51.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-237-52.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-241-53.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-243-54.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-252-55.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-259-57.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-260-58.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-272-59.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-302-60.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-254-56.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-303-61.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-311-64.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-316-66.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-307-62.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-310-63.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-315-65.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-322-67.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-324-68.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-328-69.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-330-70.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-345-71.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-347-72.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-349-73.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-351-74.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-362-75.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-364-76.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-368-77.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-370-78.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-375-79.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-380-80.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-398-81.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-407-82.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-413-83.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-414-84.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-417-85.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-420-86.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-423-87.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-428-88.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-435-89.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-439-90.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-440-91.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-442-92.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-445-93.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-453-96.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-463-94.jpg
Abi & Ian 27-12-14-468-95.jpg

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